MLM Marketing Lead – Using Twitter to Gain MLM Success!

Anyone who is building a MLM business online knows that building relationships and building lists of individuals are two main goals. This is part of the foundation of MLM success. On the web, we do this, at least in part, by social networking on sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Here I wish to look into Twitter as a means of getting a MLM marketing lead. Twitter can be described as relatively new social networking tool that actually works in a few various ways to let you keep in contact with and meet new prospects, associates and friends.

The first thing that Twitter does for you is allow you to ‘micro-blog’. Micro-blogging on Twitter involves posting tiny blurbs which are a maximum of 140 characters long (that is not much!). These short posts are known as “tweets” and they can really make a direct impact on your success!

For people in MLM, tweets are healthy way to post a message that has the potential for reaching a huge number of people! Tweets are a good way of letting people understand what you’re about, but for network marketers, the key is to create excitement and curiosity. So by way of example, you could start your day by tweeting something similar to this: Wow! Great day ahead! I’ve just published a whole new article to my blog! You would then give a url to direct your readers to your site.

What you’ve done with a tweet this way is created a positive feeling, and directed your Twitter followers to something they will use. You’ve just done some personal branding and helped build a feeling of trust in you. Your followers begin to consider you as someone who knows something and likes to provide value. You’ll be able to begin to create a buzz about an innovative opportunity or product by doing this, too. Twitter can be an excellent recruiting tool.

Twitter is also great because you can follow other MLMers. When you follow them, and they also are following you back, you will have two things going for you. By following other business opportunity MLMers like yourself you’ll see their tweets and obtain a chance to learn from them. Whenever they are following you back, your face (if you’ve uploaded your photo), user name and messages will be visible on their feed whenever you tweet – providing you with visibility to important individuals who might be very important recruits to your business. With Twitter, connections will be made!

Something else that may be very exciting about Twitter is that you could set it up with the intention that it connects with your blog, and all of your other online accounts. What this means is that at the time you tweet, that tweet will appear on you blog – interesting for your blog readers! Then when you tweet, your MySpace friends, your Facebook friends, and anybody you’ve connected with via different social networking sites will see your updates! This really is great for ensuring is familiar with what you’re up to in your MLM business. You can also turn it the other way round. If you publish a brand new post on your blog, or post a fresh note on Facebook, they are going to also post automatically on your Twitter profile.

Now, the secret to success with Twitter is to remember you need to add some humanness into your daily tweets and you need to participate. Sure, tweet away about your Multilevel marketing business – but it’s pretty important that you just don’t blast your followers only with that! They are going to get frustrated and dump you.

So, make sure to add the tweets such as this: Whew! Just finished running two miles – that really should burn some calories! Or maybe: Just finished watching the strangest episode of……! You get my drift, right? Be a friend and let your followers observe that you are enthusiastic about more than just your Multilevel marketing business.

Likewise, make sure you tweet to your followers and also the people that you follow. You’ll be able to comment on something they tweeted about, or say a fast good morning. You can even send direct messages if you intend to begin a conversation.

In it’s early days, Twitter got a bit of bad press. People were saying it could never last. Now it’s possibly one of the most powerful networking sites available, getting used by everyone from A list celebrities and TV Channels to the little ‘you and I’ users to communicate with friends! It’s definitely different, and that’s a natural part of its charm. So go ahead, sign up for your individual Twitter account and start tweeting. Follow the gurus and get your face and name out there. Connect it to your other social traffic sites and you have a recipe for MLM success!

Direct Response Copywriting Tip – Prospects Won’t Listen When You Say This

Here’s a really common mistake people make when they are creating direct response sales copy.

Most people know you need to write your sales copy in a conversational style. So basically, you want to write like you’re sitting down and having a chat with someone. In my book, I call this “cut of coffee” copy. The thought process here is, you want to speak just the same way you would if you were sitting down and having a relaxing cup of coffee with a friend.

But there are limits to this, and more accurately, there are conversational parameters that have to exist in your sales copy, that don’t exist in an organic “real” conversation.

For instance, if you’re having a conversation with someone, you might start off talking about the ball game last night, which might lead to a conversation about something you saw on the news, which then might lead into a conversation about a new product being manufactured for home safety.

But in reality, even though you want to write conversationally in your marketing — you have to keep things contained. You can’t talk about everything under the sun because your prospect doesn’t know you and they aren’t your friend.

They are NOT going to invest the time and effort into hearing about anything more than whatever is relevant to their immediate cause.

So what I’m trying to say here, is that you’ve got to look at your sales letters, advertorials or display ads, like a map. You are taking your buyers on a pre-determined journey from Point A to Point B. (“pre-determined,” being the key word here)

And while you may have to pause or slow down or speed up along the way – you can’t veer off course. Because just like a real journey, veering off course too much means you’re going to get lost.

And the last thing you want to do is allow your buyer to get lost, right?

So be conversational, but stay relevant within this conversation.

Will the Internet See the End of Direct Mail?

What is the first thing most people do to find a product or service they require? They go on-line. So where does direct mail or junk mail fit into this? The internet undoubtedly is the place to find what you’re looking for, as long as you know what you’re looking for, so is there a case for direct mail?

The Internet has opened the doors to instant information from any company in any country, but how do you deliver your message that your new product/service is now available? Of course you can enter the world of Search Engine Optimisers and be addicted to search engine rankings. This not only takes time, money but also creates a level of uncertainty, as you cannot select who is searching on the web at any one time.

The funny thing is that most marketing teams will have identified whom their product will appeal to. They will know the age group, the type of house, the kind of area, their credit rating and where they shop. Basically they have a profile of which product or service will most likely appeal to.

Once you know your target, direct mail like other forms of direct marketing can deliver a message that identifies the recipient; seduces them with style and quality of imagery in the slickest of brochure. A tangible, message appealing to the recipients taste and values is more likely to yield a positive response.

A brochure invitation to you to test drive the latest in luxury cars from your local authorised dealer, a catalogue of clothes for the new season, a charity appeal letter which you’ve supported over the years. All have your name and address, and all know you’ll receive it on through your door.

It’s a number game, but with the right data, direct mail can target an audience who will be more willing to receive your information on your product/service which can then all be ordered via your website. The reality is that direct mail works well when done well, but probably work best when there’s a good website to support its claims.

So like the paperless office the personal computer once promised to deliver, the internet will still be driven by off line media such as Direct Mail for the meantime.

What is International Network Marketing?

When we talk about international network marketing, it is a multi-level marketing which involves international direct selling or referral marketing. The term means having the unique advertising mechanism that is designed to create sales and marketing ability by giving compensation to the company’s promoters of products and services.

The more benefited groups are the promoters because of the commissions they generate from sales and the sales made through the referral system in order to create downlines. It is illustrated as a pyramidal form to showcase the multiple compensation level hierarchy. This is primarily the general marketing strategy or the main marketing campaign used by most companies.

The international network marketing company is sometimes represented by distributors – independent and non salaried sales individuals. They are sometimes called as dealers, sales consultants, associates, franchise owners, independent agents, independent business owners, consultants, and among others.

These people are not employed on a particular company that provides the products or services they availed and thus, they do not receive any time-based salary. They only receives based on the number of products or services they sold by their own ways and means especially to the sales of their downline network.

International network marketing distributors develop their organization by building their personal customers who are loyal and active which is comprised of consumers who purchase products and services direct from the company. To widen the networking status, it is necessary to recruit an efficient and effective downline to those capable distributors who have the high possibilities of building an own customer base.

Distributors buy products and services from a particular company together with the discounted price value or using a wholesale pricing. After the direct purchasing, the distributors will now sell them at the regular price value and with this; they can earn commissions at the same time earning the discount being an extra profit.

The international network marketing dealers can also receive different compensation plans for the company they are engaged with. These include universal plan, stair step breakaway plan, matrix plan. hybrid plan, and the binary plan.